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  • Adding some texture. Quick #wip shot before I finally finish this piece.

    Took a break from this piece to bind a book for my Polaroids I took this summer. 😜 Can’t wait for fall to kick in. πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ

    9” x 5.5”

    graphite, colored pencils on watercolor paper

    A quick sketch I did while in the car during a small road trip.Β  My goodness it’s hard to draw when you’re on a bumpy road!Β 

    Current wip. Coming together slowly but enjoying every minute.


    14” x 11”

    ink, graphite, colored pencils, acrylic, pen on paper

    "Winter" 14"x11" Playing around with frames &&this sweetie. #winter #antlers #frames

    Back from my little trip. Wanted to stay in bed and resulted to decorating polaroids from the trip while sketching.Β  It’s so nice to be home.Β  c:

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